Step 5: Retail Displays for Product Sales

This post will cover the basics for creating retail displays for sales. This post is the 5th post in a series that covers the process of designing a new product. Although the product, Original Odyssey, is a card game intended for sales online, it also is an ideal little size to promote locally. There are two types of displays featured below, and they are a point of sale and popup shop

Point of Sale Retail Display

The point of sale is a small counter display to be placed in an existing store location. The sample shown in this post is a cardboard design for a local bookstore. I made the display using an old cardboard box, glue, paint and custom stickers. If you happen to have these types of material around the process can be done in an afternoon. 

The bookstore requested that the point of sale display be small so that it could fit on their counters. They also requested that I include a sample set of cards for customers to look at. While I approached several different types of stores, it was the bookstore that was willing to take a few sets of cards on consignement. 

Video of DIY retail display

PopUp Shop for Retail Sales

Another option for retail sales is a temporary store front. There are temporary markets that appear in various locations in a city where a new product can be sold at a low cost. The key to a design in this situation is to consider it’s portability. In my case, I have a very small car and so all the materials must be compact. Below is a video of the solution for the Original Odyssey popup shop design. The essentials include:

  • Sign with pricing

  • Folding background screen

  • Colorful table cloth

  • Folding Chairs

  • Folding Table

  • Folding Easly

  • Promotional Postcards

  • Box with products to sell

  • Small bank for cash sales

  • Mobile credit card processing on phone (

What I have learned from the retail displays

By creating the retail displays, I have learned a little more about my product. This learning is about the sales process and what aspects of the product are most interesting to potential customers. I found the keeping things simple and quick is essential. The coloring book puzzle pieces attracted kids and the adults enjoyed memory challenges. I also found the bright colors and art materials attracted creative shoppers. The face to face conversations are great for getting new ideas about how to advertise the product online.