Memory Palace

Memory plays a big role in my creative process. Journaling is one way I reference my past. Photography is another way I document and reference my past visual art work. In looking back through my work, both for inspiration and as a reference, I find many inaccuracies in my memory. I also recognize lies or intentional confusion in both my journaling and my visual art. Using this referring to my documented past has help me to see some of the patterns in my work and also identify reoccurring themes in my psychological frame of mind.

Charm bracelet as memory palace

In addition to the digital memory palace of my blog and media I also am exploring other processes as well. I am painting my charm bracelet from childhood. Here is some work in progress on the 2nd of 3 24×48 canvas mix media paintings I’m currently working on. This one is an enlarged charm bracelet from my childhood. Each symbol tells a story or two for me personally and also – as an adult- represents many of the mythic characteristics I continue to embrace.

Charm bracelet painting

Mobile digital memory palace

With the increase of digital technology it’s hard to keep up with all of the recordings and materials created during the creative process. When I am referring to all the written journals and photographs in a box or whether I am searching online through my blog of digital content the process feels mysterious. Sometimes I find what I’m looking for and sometimes I find unexpected things. Normally I’m inspired to do some form of work after which I had no intention of doing when I started looking through my old material. I first came across the concept of memory palace while watching a TED talk video on modern-day memory contests/challenges. I was really enamored by the concept of creating a palace of memories and I’ve been collecting images and a folder called memory palace for over a year now. It was really fascinating to learn more about the history and also more about the specifics of how the location and the objects work together in reading Frances Yates, The Art of Memory. I see this impacting my art work in a good way. Below is a video of the presentation slides from my recent talk on mobility and the creative digital art process.

Featured image credit:,_Golden_Gates.jpg