Pet Aroma Therapy – 24×48 painting in progress

This painting, Pet Aroma Therapy, is 3rd in a series of 24×48 mixed media painting that I am working on this fall. Inspired by a recent aroma therapy lesson – this reinterpretation of a classic ‘devil and angel on the shoulder’ image popped into my mind. It’s like there are two opposing ideas in my head all the time. Each side represent a vital energy but I must choose a side. I wonder, is it possible there is a transcendent third option? Can I satisfy the opposing inner conflict and is that desire compromise or illusion? It feels good to paint a balanced picture, whatever the truth can be.

All 3 of the paintings that I am working on this fall are inspired by the classes I’m taking in grad school. Some of which are also making it into this blog as I add quotes from the books I’m reading.

PetAromaTherapy_firstcolor PetAromaTherapy_blackandwhite