Flying Scroll Trio in Progress

I’ve started a 3 part series of little paintings. I’m working on them together and using a similar color pallet and theme. The theme is wings. I’ve been inspired by some ancient beads from Africa that I saw at a recent tribal art expo for the color and in particular, I’m interested in capturing a light blue color. I like the idea of doing several images together that can be arranged like the panels of a graphic novel. Together they create a more dynamic narrative because the arrangement is adjustable.


Work in progress – three loose canvas paintings. Arrange for unique narrative.



Color Inspiration – antique beads from northern Africa.


My cat, Luna, and my dog, Lucky, like to keep me company while I’m painting. It does slow down the process a little, but I appreciate their contribution to the creative process. Sometimes that includes little cat footprints in the wet paint.

While working on the painting, I noticed there was a connection to one image and a trophy on the shelf nearby. The image of wings is associated with rewards and achievement.

Below are 3 videos of the initial image sketches. I’ve been working with birds and wings for several years now. These characters are evolving spontaneously on the canvas as I paint.

I’m using metallic and inference acrylic paints. This creates a surface the changes with the light. It can be tricky to find the right balance. The image below is a work in progress and show the reflective quality vs. the matte quality of the paint.