New painting in progress, serpent encounterĀ 

This image came from a recent dream and was reinforced by my reading of Jung’s Red Book today. He also spoke of the serpent in his imagination. The story spoke of the relationship between foresight and pleasure. It’s also a way of thinking about thinking vs feeling or growing up vs. growing down.

Dream: Killed a mostly baby cobra snake in the house and threw a cloth over its head-mom carried it outside and it went into the river. She noticed an alligator snake much bigger that was near the shore and took 1/2 it’s head off with a shovel. It all ran off down the stream. She said she didn’t want them near her home. I ushered two flying gnats carefully back inside into the house- wondering if I killed them if I would notice. Ancient mud / nature / Italian stucco home feel.

Initial sketch:

Video of painting in progress:



Couple quotes from Jung: