iPad pro and pencil dream drawings

 I’ve been playing with my new digital art tools that are the iPad pro and Pencil. They do a great job of simulating the real drawing experience. The bonus is never having to sharpen the pencil or run out of colors.

Here are a collection of drawings from different apps. The detailed scene is from Adobe Draw and is a vector line. The others are from Adobe Sketch and it is where I explore the textures available.  The pencil and watercolor textures were the most fun. The black and white is from Zen Brush 2 app that is amazing with the pressure sensitive features of the Pencil.


Watercolor abstract from Adobe Sketch

Portrait from Adobe Sketch

Digital Watercolor from Adobe Sketch
“Dream Drama” vector art from Adobe Draw
Detail of Dream Drama vector
Detail of dream drama
Detail of dream drama
Kiss of Death – with adobe sketch
Detail of sketch

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