Two Ocean Dreams and Drawings

First ocean dream drawing: cooling off

Traveling next to the ocean. All the animals float to cool off and they don’t bother each other. An elephant and Capybara and … and a turtle that says she swam deep and got lost.

animals in ocean dream

Synchronicity! I found a blog a couple days later on Tumblr with a similar feel to my dream: Animals sitting on Capybaras.

Second ocean dream: beach ranch

Grandparents purchase a ranch with a valley that ends in the ocean. We stand and look down on the beach, it is a popular spot. The police arrive to inspect. We discuss incorporating the land so they have a vote in local elections. I find Grandpa sitting in the room of listening. Here he can listen to all the sounds everywhere. Later- similar land purchased by Friends. They say they don’t have enough to live there yet. It s big party. There are two caves on either side of the valley split male and female (right) and I reflect on how perfect it is. I ask if I can camp there she says yes. I think about tents and RVs. In the end three gold chunks appear.

ocean ranch
ocean ranch digital drawing