Visual notes on creative inspiration and image theory

During April’s residential lectures at the Pacifica graduate Institute I took notes on my iPad in a form that I call visual notes.  The residential lecture format is two days on one topic and two days of another topic. The first two days were about creative inspiration and focused on black US American creatives from about the time slavery ended until the 80s. The second class lectures focused on image theory and how image impacts personal and cultural practices/ behavior. All the classes have a Depth Psychology lens.

In the next two weeks I’ll be writing my finals on these topics for my next to last quarter at Pacifica Graduate Inst. I’m kicking around the idea is on one paper topic that will be about the relationship between creativity and social mobility/power. The second topic will be exploring the cultural phenomenon of the comic barfing rainbows image.

Day 3 – image

Day 2 – creative inspiration

Day 1 – creative inspiration

What do you think?

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