3 ways Arts for Humanity! provides education to special needs students in Santa Barbara

I offer my services to local nonprofits at a discounted rate. This is one way that I give back to the community and support the types of opportunities that I think are vital to my community.

Offering special needs students educational programs specifically designed for them is a vital service because it empowers individuals to discover their creative capabilities. Arts for Humanity! is a nonprofit organization in Santa Barbara that has been offering art educational programs to underserved demographics for almost 20 years.

Arts for Humanity! collaborates with local social service agencies and after-school programs to offer low-income elders, people with disabilities and at-risk youth free ongoing opportunities for personal growth through the arts.

What makes people special in this world is what we call our humanity. Being human means that we have unique capabilities to observe and understand our world, to strive to make life more enjoyable. In a basic sense, we invent things like heating for cold rooms. Beyond the needs of the body, we also have needs of the spirit and the soul. Intangible yet vital, people are capable of accomplishing the impossible when they have a dream to aspire to. Art is a creative process that allows individuals to experience the discovery of something new in a safe and playful environment. In art the impossible is possible and our natural growth continues in the mind, body and soul.

Three ways Arts for Humanity! Provides education

Community Expressive Arts Class: Spring Flowers

Community Expressive Arts Class: Spring Flowers

  1. Community Expressive Arts Programs . Arts for Humanity! partners with many local social service agencies to reach our broad constituency. Click to view more details

  2. Community Events . Arts for Humanity! contributes to the broader community through a series of community events. Click to view more details

  3. Performances . Original Mixed-Ability Theatre/Dance Productions. Click to view more details