A kit for body painting in a portable red wagon 

The best work for me at a festival is painting bodies and faces. My kit for body painting outdoors is portable and includes:

  • Painting easel 
  • Red wagon
  • Makeup bag
  • Dazzle Dips Paint
  • Brushes
  • Mirror
  • Water / paper towels 
  • Stencils of leaves
  • Photos of example

This setup is portable by one person and that is important if your going to an event where your not 100% sure where you will park and how far you’ll have to carry supplies. 

Here are some photos from a recent festival in Santa Barbara. I created positive stencils, leaves as requested, that could be outlined. The design let people see what the leaf would look like by placing the stencil on the body before we started painting. It also made the process easy to teach others and so several creative people can join in the fun of painting others as well.


What do you think?

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