Order and Chaos 2 

Recently my favorite mobile game, StarWars Uprising, announced it would be closing down. This sad news has led me and my fellow gamer refugees seeking. The first obsessive immersive game I have fallen in love with is Order and Chaos 2. 

OC2 is a mmorpg with more complexity than SWU. The guilds are larger and more players and running around. If you have a apple mobile device – check it out! Here are some screenshots. It’s taken me about 20 hours of play time to figure out the system and UI. I find it so great that the game has intrinsic rewards that manage to keep me interested while also struggling to get the basics mastered. I love learning. 

Who knows what mmorpg game will be next. I still have about 75% to discover in OC2 and that should keep me busy for a few months!

My four characters:

You see below an example of how the players username, and below that guild name, displays in the game.

The options for playing with others. Clockwise from top is chat, trade items, group party, follow, dual, add friend.

Reliving a box with my water pet on a quest.