The art and soul of food

Where there is no artfulness about life, there is a weakening of soul. It seems to me that the problem with modern manufacturing is not a lack of efficiency it is a lost soul. (Care of the Soul by Moore, p. 183)

Are you unfulfilled by the processed food manufactured and served to the masses? I am, and I’m really sick and tired because if it. This new year marked the beginning of a journey into nutrition and food for me. My guide is Sara Box of Titan, an expert in fitness and nutrition located in Santa Barbara. Below are a few photos of the nutritious and delicious meals that are feeding my soul as well as my body.

  • A pretty-yummy mess!
  • Every container  used
  • Yes, even HUGE pot

The time required in the kitchen has increased. New abundance and creativity is in my life. I feel satisfied, full, and grounded after a week of real food protocol. I wonder what else this new food adventure will bring into my creative life!