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The art and soul of food

Where there is no artfulness about life, there is a weakening of soul. It seems to me that the problem with modern manufacturing is not a lack of efficiency it is a lost soul. (Care of the Soul by Moore, p. 183)

Are you unfulfilled by the processed food manufactured and served to the masses? I am, and I’m really sick and tired because if it. This new year marked the beginning of a journey into nutrition and food for me. My guide is Sara Box of Titan, an expert in fitness and nutrition located in Santa Barbara. Below are a few photos of the nutritious and delicious meals that are feeding my soul as well as my body.

The time required in the kitchen has increased. New abundance and creativity is in my life. I feel satisfied, full, and grounded after a week of real food protocol. I wonder what else this new food adventure will bring into my creative life!

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