Thoughtless Sketching with Procreate

Sometimes I am uninspired. I try to draw but no theme emerges and the images feel thoughtless or random even if I do like them. This feeling does not worry me much anymore as the dull times come between big waves and its part of the creative flow. I don’t analyze it or judge it and I draw anyway. However, the loss of creative passion permeatesĀ deep into my psyche and is reflected in this recent dream:

I watch a majestic baby whale swimming in the surf – but it slowly stops moving turns belly up and is washed on shore. We put it in cardboard- it is so small now. I tryĀ to stop her from sticking a flag in its body but I’m too late and the hole is there when I remove it. We tell the whole story to the suspicious official who says in the future to not touch the body at all.