Women’s March

I march for all those unable to march themselves because they have other obligations, are scared or restricted from going or just unaware of what is at stake. 
I march as prayer that all the misguided energy stuck fighting ghost from the past be released from the false threats and be clearly guided to the truth of the challenges we face now. 

I march for the ideals the USA is founded on, that we form a more perfect union of the people and by the people. One nation under God. 

I march in honor of the men and women who sacrificed their lives for my freedoms. 

I march for #life #love #peace #humanrights #equality #families #children #animals #environment #health #prosparity #ourfutureleaders #affordablecareact #arts #humanities #freedomofthepress #whyimarch #weresist #womensmarch

Next action steps

Video from my march in San Luis Opisbo, CA



Some of the images I’ve collected so far

What do you think?

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