Two hour studio art practice 

Step One: Warm up 10 min.

Do six drawings of one minute each.
In the example I use the letter B as a starting point and explore the shapes in my environment that are similar. I use ink on paper with a brush.

Step two: refine ideas 20 min.

Use three of  the sketches to build on the best ideas and shapes that have emerged. Spend 5 min on each or 15 min total. In this example I cut out images and placed them on the ink drawings.

Step three: work in depth 90 min.

Select one of the three previous works to focus on in depth. In this example I use cut out images, oil pastels, watercolor, ink, acrylic paint, and plastic beads. I expand the original square paper onto a 5×7″ sheet of watercolor paper to fit a standard size frame.

Final work is titled, Horns of plenty. It’s mixed media on paper 5X7″.