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Periscope lets you explore the world through the eyes of somebody else. You can check out my feed, I’m just getting started, but plan to do more live.

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Fast Video with 3 Views

I found it more interesting to combine the three sections of live video that I did. you can watch below. I started, left, with some sand try type active imagination using my collection of objects. Next, center, I did six sketches using the materials I selected in the fist part. Finally, right, I selected one image to work on in-depth and let it evolve on it own.


“Just B” Mixed Media on paper

The final image is not what you would expect watching the start of the process. This one was slow in coming together. The expressions of the antelope were haunting me and they ended up taking over the original images of Pepe and Prancer. I’m producing one final piece of art each week while I’m working with youth artists at Youth Interactive in Santa Barbara. This is the second in a series that focuses on visual language.