Expanding Mermaid Love Letters

How to expand the world of mermaids? I took a look at Pinterest deep divers. Free divers, divers, diving, underwater photography and more. Overwhelmingly the feeling I got from these images was freedom.

Don’t put limitations on yourself. Other people will do that for you. Don’t do that to yourself. Don’t bet against yourself. And take risk. –James Cameron

Underwater a person feels lighter and floats in space. There are also products and services associated with it from the gear that divers use to the fish and treasures that they bring back from their adventures.

Mermaid Love Letters Pinterest Collection

Numbers for Love Letters in Progress

Recently Mermaid Love Letters has been expanding into numbers. With lowercase letters and punctuation still pending, the search for more variations in forms for the project is ongoing. So far 0-1-2-3 are done.


Expanding Mermaid Love Letters Imagery

For my purposes, I selected a few images to work with in my drawings – as I have a desire to expand the world on the mermaid love letters project that I started last year.


What do you think?

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