Body Shapes!

I’m doing yoga more and more. I’ve mastered an “I” shape so far (ha ha ha), as you can see in the image above. I like to try doing forms myself and while I’m not an athlete, the acts embodied inform the art too. It’s a synthesis of real, photo, and imaginary information that motivates the art in progress.

The human body is so amazing! It’s form has been the subject of art from the time of hand prints in cave paintings to millions of blogs and social media feeds around the world today. Photographers and amateurs capture life in the moment. As a painter, I think these images so inspiring! 

I’m collecting images of body forms from acro yoga, ice skating, swimmers, dancers and – I’m particularly interested in the 1 and 2 person forms. 

I’ve been drawing body shapes of letters and numbers in my mermaid series from imagination. Next I want to do astrology signs in clay. I’m also thinking about naming the mermaids and perhaps stories will form too!

What do you think?

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