Full moon in Scorpio ritual meditation process 

Ritual process for full moon in Scorpio 5/11/17:

  1. What I want to visualize write on Paper slips / Journal meditation 
  2. Salt bath / preparing cleans meditation 
  3. Oil anointment / aroma therapy meditation 
  4. 5 Elements / honor 4 directions  meditation 
  5. Bell to start ritual 
  6. Invoke the divine – burn paper slips and visualize meditation 
  7. Thank the goddess (flowers and food offering) meditation 
  8. Thank elements / directions in reverse order
  9. Close circle bell
  10. Ground / stretch 
  11. Notes / reflect on meditation 

What is Scorpio moon ruling and focus of meditation 

  1. Enlightenment 
  2. Higher awareness 
  3. Remove obstacles 

 Some aspects of this ritual are similar to others I’ve done, but each experience is also unique. What is emerging for me is promoting healing work from all levels that start with nutrition, physical activity, art, and include spiritual practices. What I liked most about this process were the new aspects: