Yoga by the sea!

This Mother’s Day I went to s special 2-hour yoga by the sea event. It was amazing and wonderful! It set the tone for a Happy Mothers Day. I’m so blessed to have great mothers and grandmothers in my life! Yesterday l learned a special metta mediation at yoga by the sea:

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be well.
May you be free.

Video of Mother Day Yoga by the Sea 2017

Photos from  Hatha with Lisa at Yoga by the Sea Facebook page

Honoring 🌸Mothers day🌸 with 🌊YOGA by the SEA🌊… What an amazing morning it was with 57 beautiful yogis gathering in the outdoor sanctuary and creating a gorgeous 💗heart💗 shape flower collage in honor of Mother’s day!!! We transformed our yoga practice into a joyful celebration and glorification of all Mothers in our lives including Shakti🌌 – the Creative Divine Mother who expresses herself in all of being. We sent blessings to all mothers in the world and the universe and indulged in Metta meditation, first blessing ourselves with Loving-kindness and then sending the blessings of safety, happiness, well-being and freedom to every living being… We left the beach with our hearts full, carrying along the feeling of peace, harmony, and kindness in remembrance of all dear mothers… Namaste’🙏💖🙏 Thank you ALL for sharing your morning with me, the energy you’ve created was incredible!😇 Thank you for bringing flowers and making our heart shape collage the best one yet!😙😍😙 Happy Mother’s Day!!!👌💖

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