Surfing and Snorkeling in Northern California 

I love visiting with my friend Michelle and enjoy the cold Pacific ocean! This visit we also created a website using the Adobe mobile app called spark, to show off her hand made hanging pots and glass jewelry. Michelle and I have been friends since high school and collaborating on art and sport adventures.

Here is a link to the site we made called Fish Rock Glass. She is making jewelry out of found objects and hand made pots for succulents.

We named her website brand after the local area as we share a desire to bring creative products and services into the world and establish new pathways, moving spaces, circular ideas, authentic self expression , self-awareness, prosperity, alchemy, science, mystical experiences, creativity, art, sustainable products, and health services. You can also see all her hand made products on Pinterest.

I grew up boogie boarding in the Pacific Ocean and even now, as an adult, playing in the surf comes naturally. I love being in the water – even the cold water and wetsuit gear kinda adds to the fun. I’m a long way from actually standing up and surfing on the board but I think it is possible with enough practice AND for sure it’s fun to practice here ūüėÉ

Video of Surfing and snorkeling in Northern California