Energy body healing chart

Beautiful ancient medicinal body charts inspire me and today I created my own version for energy body 2017 use. It’s a synthesis of energy healing concepts that resonate with me (and some creative license). I’m standing in front of the image in the photo as if it were a mirror. I created psychic energy signatures that can be moved and placed along two crossing planes. Taking time for psychology house cleaning is a recommended twice daily habit. Remember who you are and know it just is.

I’m calling the symbols I made to pin psychic signatures because each one is a unique expression of something universally shared. A symbol is an image, like a cross or circle, that upon meditation and interaction has the potential to accelerate the development of ones psychological wisdom. The symbols I selected have endured and spread cross time and culture into today’s awareness. Many symbols, like the star, also are describable in languages of math and other sciences, technologies.
You can use the search on this blog for more info on the references of influences from NativeAmerican, Wiccan, Christian, Jungian, Art History, Philosophy, Science and other spiritual traditions.

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