Cline and Roning Family History Website

This site is under development and I’ve been collaborating with my grandfather on developing it this summer. There are two parts to this website.

  1. The first part is  the history of the Cline and Roning families.   Russel and Mabel are the main focus of this history.  The chapters form a chronology of their lives.  The stories of ancestors and the genealogy charts trace allow a glimpse of previous generations.
  2. The reflections section uses photographs to illustrate memories in the life of Marie and Richard. The includes friends and family, nature photos, Santa Barbara and more, much more.

The collection of this information started a decade ago.  The initial intent of printing a booklet became lost as the finish point could never be defined.  With a website database there is (almost) no limit to the amount of information stored.  The content it can be altered at any time so this becomes a living document.

Some Favorite Family Photos