SBRC-SBRS Company History Website

I’ve had the pleasure of working in this company history site, a collection of employee memories from SBRC’s / SBRS’s company history. Diane Sova collected SBRC-SBRS history with the plan to publish it in book form. The publication was interrupted by her on-going world tour.  Her compilation is an incomplete document that became a website. It needs contributions from people of all parts of the company.  They need memorable events from all. They also need organized history from former managers.

Sample of Company Newsletters


Expert from A. D. Paul,  Presented to the SBRC Management Club 20 January 1981

Back when I went to the movies they also had a serial. Every Saturday afternoon you could go for another installment. This series has been rather momentous and I presume you all remember January 20, 1981, but for a moment I would like to go back to April 1 of 1952, which was on a smaller scale a momentous day, and I would like to go up to Mission Canyon. You go up past the Mission, across Foothill past the Botanic Gardens all the way to the end. It’s known as 1500 Mission Canyon Road. There were half a dozen buildings up there. Back in the forties it was known as the Lomas Feliz Private School. On April 1 in 1952 you would have seen a Los Angeles businessman by the name of Ted Horowith running up the foothills. He was a treasurer of the Pacific Mercury Television Manufacturing Company. Not far behind him you would have seen a deputy sheriff, by the name of King. The deputy did indeed catch the businessman. What he was trying to do was serve some papers and there were some people who were observing all this, guys like Gene Peterson, Jack Lansing, Stan Buller, Jack Kuhn, probably Bill Shockensey, perhaps Tom Johnson, (he kind of came and went, one of those parttime drifting fellows) Leon Morris, whom some of you will recognize who probably knew as much about what was going on in the company as anybody. I was not a witness to this event. I heard about it in detail later.