Why thwart my quest for dog food?

  • Time to order pet food
  • Amazon ships Dog Food
    • to the wrong address, my fault
  • First local Pet Store visit
    • Google Map Search: Arff
    • Directions confusingly oriented
    • Turn: North, South, East, West
    • Lost cell service
  • Pet Store already closed, unexpectedly
  • Day 3 seeking dog food
  • Can’t leave easily, road under maintenance
    • Check food, pour last 1/2 cup into dog bowl
    • Tomorrow I WILL get food.
    • Emotional breakdown
      • Why is my quest for dog food being thwarted?
      • I can’t provide for my dog
      • I have made bad choices
      • I’m stuck
  • Eat Lunch
    • Roommate’s dog food available in emergency
  • Exercise
    • My dog is happy, he still has food
    • I take good care of my dog
    • I make good choices
  • Meditation and Self-care dance
    • At peace with warm heart center
  • Day 4 Dog Food Aquired

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