Energy Practice in Nature

Combining favorite practices in one energy routine

Wake up every day feeling good from fingers to toes! Gently greet the light, be outside and prepare to move through your tasks with confidence and grace because the body and mind is awake and healthy.

Stop animation video of energy practice 

My energy practice combines favorite parts of lessons from 20 years of study. I use techniques from Depth Psycology, Sidda Yoga, Sahaja Yoga, Energetic Sythasis, Bikrams Yoga, 3H0 Kundalini Yoga, physical therapy nerve flossing/resistance band reps, and Wicca.

Always learning and trying new things

I try, on myself, things inspired by good alternative healing experiences I’ve had, but have not been taught. These include body message, crystals, aromas, and acupuncture. I have taken some photos of the toolset I’m gathering. Yoga mats, massage eggs and Wand, mantras, figures for depth therapy and journal 📓 practice. 

This year I have found it helpful to orient myself outside daily to North, South, East, and West. I face the sun in the morning and evening to find east or west and remain conscious of my orientation on earth to the sun. I also place objects around me for the elements of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. My artists nature likes to touch textures of wood, stone, salt, clay, dirt, metal, crystal, shell. The material are like therapy for my senses because mostly I just see graphics or photos of materials.