Contemplating boundaries of self care and self harm

How much does perception of intent influence the reaction to these images? I’m interested in exploring more the boundaries between self care and self harm. 

The images I have selected are limited to basic self-care actions that don’t require tools. Animals can also do things like removing hair, licking clean, scratching, biting, eating, drinking and stuff.
Of course I’m focusing always on human psychology and some images have more cultural significance, like the men’s shaving razor health of the neck. In this case I am discerning what images to use based on my own reaction to them. Images where the perception of intent changes how I respond to it.

First set of images on search that rest in between self-care and self harm. The image of the tattoo has an added layer to it because it includes the text “look up”. It’s also an image and not an actual razor on the neck – although I like this image and that’s why I selected it – and I’m not sure but I want to make images of images of images – if you get what I mean. These days I’m really trying to be as fundamental with material as I possibly can-and obviously that doesn’t translate very well over the computer, sadly.