Planning Proposal for 16th Conference of Research in Jung and Analytical Psychology

Call for Papers Excerpt: Ways that emerging theory can open up psychological understanding of societal problems with implications for responsible political action – for Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies Call for Proposals for 16th Conference of Research in Jung and Analytical Psychology “Emerging…” Portland, Oregon | Wednesday, June 27 through Saturday, June 30, 2018

In CW 6, para. 459 Jung notes that, “a symbol emerging in dreams is rejected…and even provokes an antagonistic reaction corresponding to the invasion….” Implicated in this is the resistance produced by consciousness to its own emerging growth.  This observation feels closer to Jung’s somewhat enigmatic idea that individuation is a work against nature, or put another way, a work that seeks to transcend nature.

First images for rejected symbol / provokes antagonistic reaction

How much does perception of intent influence the reaction to rejected dream images? I’m interested in exploring the between space of my own emerging dream images with commercial objects sold and used in habits of self-love and self-hate. I will collect objects, photograph them, use them, draw them, and discover new creative potentials in the process.

Dream: Run
The nearby apartment explodes
I get it, run when there is fire, she says
Yes, run! I say
Grabbing a few essentials
At the sea she is wounded and takes a dive into the ocean. Self sacrifice
So I can not go back to get her
Dream: Driving through a tunnel
It open but they warn of parasite
I go though with 12d shield
Next to me she points at them
I don’t want to look
But I see shimmering out of the corner of my eye

Dream: I’m dropping razer blades. All over they keep falling.

Material Research / Planning

Political sign poly-board material, shells, sand, wire, ink, solar lights.