Recurring Dream #confusion #school


Confusing dreams of dragons but one thing is clear. I didn’t do my homework and I don’t understand the assignment. But I can’t afford to fail the class so I need to make it work somehow. I sound sick, maybe I am sick. I leave a message on the machine and try to get things together.

Going to a conference with my teacher from school she has a van she has covered with Art it’s a sparkles or something like that the name of the group. There’s some confusion over choosing choosing a car.

I’m returning to school after some vacation in joining class was some confusion. I have a mask with me still and it’s channel on my face I eventually find my ceramics class. I smell it as I sit down and I’m glad to be in class but I’m told I must redo the mask and make it deeper.

  • Sure I’ll help the boy
  • Get supplies for his school project
  • Needs blinds
  • Calling the hair stylist
  • Wrong store
  • Confusion about materials needed
  • On runway, right where plane is landing
  • Getting out of the way
  • He’s done already
  • I see his designs on the wall
  • Multiple perspectives
  • Architecture basically

What do you think?

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