Stacking dream images #choice #rooms

Dream 2017

I’m in a new house with three rooms and a kitchen. There 3 people, one for each room. The order of who’s room is who’s matters because you have to walk through the rooms one by one and the person in the front will have two people walking through their space every day while the person in the back has privacy. What room do you want?

Dream 2016

Visiting another artist studio with Tracy’s son is working there naked guys and they’re running through shipping containers through holes in the wall as we passed through each portal I feel my soul being cleansed more and more until we reach the final portal and the artist emerges. I talked to her and she walked me over to her office and I explain my experience of her art I’m so impressed by the scale and the size of her shipping container studio it’s massive we wander outside into the garden area where she has piles of clothes and so many big projects in process also another shipping container where objects are being unloaded.


What do you think?

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