Stacking and spinning bowls 

Work in progress from this weekends studio time 🙌 of painting, stacking, and spinning paper and clay bowl combinations. 

I’m also testing a backdrop set (not just taking photos of my art objects on the table or ground). The new background features grass, two different color walls (I need light wall options too). I posted a video, at the end, to shows the lazy Susan spin (maybe also needs some astroturfing cover).

I want to do a workshop for making these bowls. Depending on how you display them, they can be bold color orbs, nested flowers, silent screaming puppet heads, little alters, abstract satellite dish centerpieces or big eyes. I like both the natural materials and the painted color versions. In a workshop, it would be cool to see all the individuals unique variations.

I’ve also started Dreamcatcher nets that will make it into the mix. If anyone has a pet bird with feathers to spare, please let me know… I’m collecting them for the Dreamcatchers now. 😊✌️