Nightmares of running, being chased #fear

Working with nightmares is tricky business. With Jungian dream tending methods, I’m starting to work with my scary dreams of chasing and running. Some dreams are more terrifying than others. Recently I escape by the end of the dreams, so I feel it is a safe time to start working with them.

Yesterday, while driving home, two bikers were following my car. I drove calmly and yet I could not help but get nervous when turn after turn these two were right behind me. I wondered, ‘Are they really following me? Should I drive to the police station? I’m I being paranoid?’ The experience reminded me that run, hide, hunt, and chase are deeply embedded in the psyche. We play, race, and chase for fun with friends, pets, and kids but, as adults, it’s also real dangerous people, animals, and natural disasters we face.

Excerpts from my running dreams 

Run! The nearby apartment explodes. I get it, run when there is fire, she says. Yes, run! I say. Grabbing a few essentials. At the sea she is wounded and takes a dive into the ocean. Self sacrifice. So I will not go back to get her.

We were running through the hotel from some people attacking the door. I could not keep up with the guys. I ran slow. I was cold with just the black jacket. I though for sure I’m on the dark side, this color is a sign.

I run with my brother. Wood splintering all around. We are near the shore. We put on life jackets And I check with him we are ready. We jump overboard. I hold his hand. In the water deep under the surface. I feel us rising. I got him held tight. When will we reach the top?

Poison water epidemic, Escaping the city, Recovering in apartment. I don’t die as easily. Male companion, see water is alive and freezes people. Jump out window to escape water attack. Escape to the woods. A fire storm chases. Escape to the desert to escape fire. On beach, Dead bodies. Is the water safe? Yes. Robots attack, But I find a remote control. I stop their attack and put them to sleep.

The woman and the child are being chased and they ran to hide in the village and the men trapped them but in sneaking out the back they escape by following a herd of wild horses that break down all the fences. 

Characters chase each other flying through the sky.

I’m at a party, 1/2 turn zombie, They chase me – she does. I make it to the car with the key, I escape.

Bones and Ceeley as zombies help fight off thugs with a bat. We run into a home and the people let us through. They delay the monsters. We learn we must mingle to survive. We show our mixed alliances.

Some animals escape. I like the hobbling duck. He races to freedom and then is chased by another larger white animal – the troops arrive and go toward them and I don’t see what happens. 

She is escaping. Running a horse in the streets. He follows behind to claim her. She is a good rider and free now.

We are running and hiding from them. In the forest we are so close – but disguised and I don’t think they will see us.

Zombie. Through the crack in the doors. I shoot and miss. Again and again. All the rounds. Bullets bounce. Damn I need something More powerful. Confused. He walks into the room, “I’ll give you a running start,” He says. I turn. Where is the old man? My legs are heavy, I grab the wall to pull myself Forward, Slowly.

I’m being pursued. Running away, three of us humans jump into a giant pile of sand. A temporary barrier, we waiting. The lieutenant and a couple other guys meet on the beach below. They’re discussing Miya and the guy is coming to meet her there at night I can’t remember his name – the guy who danced with me (?). Describing the three of us they are paying attention and I sneak behind the sandpile, jump over the wall and start running. Someone else said that he would too. I run until I reach the giant bridge and then there’s a toll to get across the bridge I’m not sure how I am going to get funds. I wake up.
I’m living in an apartment above the hair salon and I know that they’re coming to get me but I don’t know the time. The stylist offers to highlight my hair, she feels sorry for me. So I’m not in my apartment when they bomb it and I escape. Lots of time spent running around the city trying to escape the blockades and people looking for me.

A skeleton army is approaching human settlement. From tent we go into ancient fortress, but a ghost tells me it’s the skeleton army’s home base.  A small boy and his dog wander freely in the army, unnoticed. Why? I escape with a few others to a fortress tower, abandoned by old civilization, in the middle of the lake. Here the army can approach one by one but we knock them down into the lake and they give up. Trapped in the tower a ghost man appears and shows a mirror apparatus he used to spy on the surrounding area. Another ghost appears and opens a trap door in the floor to her room. I’m concerned it’s a tomb she might shut us in.