Enchantivism and Storytelling 

I’m interested in telling new stories. Stories that engulf my imagination so that I describe what’s happening from inside out. Ones where empowering and real characters discover new possibilities and new capabilities to enchant and inspire great numbers of people who intern do the same for the next group. Each person in their own way telling the same story through song or dance or object manipulation or film or virtual reality programming or whatever self-expression tells a story best to another person they hold dear.

I need big enchanting stories because the darkness that comes with the old ones is sudden and it takes all air. Fear grips me deep and urgent awakening something like madness and frozen inside these dead stories of doom and limited reality threaten me to think, if I can’t have it my way then I will not have it, I’ll choose death, but that being the case I can take whatever hardships come as a result of my choices with Grace because I love the life that I’m living and I’m willing to suffer for love.

I do wish to inspire, breathing life into, others as they inspire and support me. Today and tomorrow. Yes, money and stability are really important but there is a bigger picture. What do you want out of your one fragile short life time?


Automatic writing / dream of consciousness after Pacifica program day one of Enchantivism: An Inspiring Practical Activism of Stroy, Myth, Vision and Lasting Change  by Craig Chalquist, PhD 

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