Inexpensive lightweight frames with recycled cardboard, glue for art on paper

These three frames cost me nothing to make because I had everything laying around. The frames are really light and made with glue, wood, and cardboard. You could stack and glue cardboard in place of wood, if you don’t have access to work with wood. I used twine and a couple metal eye hooks on the back. I used 4 pins to attach the art on paper, so it is removable.

I’ve posted about frames before, and they are popular posts. If you want to make these less complex frames, I took some photos, and here are my steps. 

  1. Cut 4 equal lengths of wood. I used a bandsaw to do this (4×3=12 cuts because I made three frames.)
  2. Place the wood on a flat surface and layout the frame. Add wood glue to ends of the pieces and place a long clamp that reached from the top to the bottom to sandwich in the side lengths of the frame while it’s drying.  If your using stacked cardboard then sandwiching between a couple heavy books should work.
  3. When the wood frame is dry, glue a piece of cardboard, just about the same size, on the back of the frame. You need the cardboard to add some stability to the sides, because without using screws or nails in the corners are less secure.
  4. Paint or decorate frame as desired
  5. Place art in frame.
  6. If you use pins, you need to glue extra layers of cardboard into the back so the pin does not scratch the wall. It took me 4 more layers. Having four pins, one in each corner, will make sure the frame hangs on a wall evenly. 
  7. Finally drill in a couple eye hooks and add a wire, or in my case string, to hang on the back. I used soft pine, so I could twist them in my hand.

Photos of inexpensive frames made with glue and recycled materials