Trapped, stuck, and dead end in dreams

From my dream diary

I’m trapped by a other group Of men. I try to escape by heading to the Asian boarder and a women’s shelter.

We try to rescue the angry man who’s head is trapped between furniture. 

I’m still trapped in this, Shit show, Throwing bottles, Spilling pills on the floor, Running away, Getting lost.

Trapped in the tower a ghost man appears and shows a mirror apparatus he used to spy on the surrounding area. Another ghost appears and opens a trap door in the floor to her room. I’m concerned it’s a tomb she might shut us in.

Stuck in a car in a river with mom a big tree comes and pushes the truck for you are not safe as it starts to sink in I reach for the window to escape and worried she won’t get out her side and will drown

Stuck in a small bathroom something in the darkness is coming for me scream for help twice and I wake myself up. Help me . Help me .

Her leg is stuck to the leg of the table. I twist the nut and release the hip. There is some blood but she is ok.

I pick at plants stuck in my thumb. They hurt. My dad looks. I see something long and skinny. A viane like under the skin. A worm an allergy. It hurts he grabs it and pulls. I need help I say.

While I’m getting ready the guy makes peanut better from scratch with a food processor and it gets stuck on the cabinet behind him.

 I hide it and tried to take it up to my room I get into the elevator the big hotel and head up there is some confusion at the elevator girl gets her hair and her jacket stuck in the door as I rise.

I’ve been selected from the audience to join the men’s magician on stage. Naked I lounge on a chair and watch them do tricks. I feel fabulous and the juggling of potatoes of various size are amazing. Later I feel self-conscious and I discover he’s in love with another woman and I am stuck in the back room.

The bride and groom just wanted to explore and slide down halfway down they saw it was dangerous so they stopped and turned around. But then the giant rats started to come up they tried to stuff the tunnel with their dead bodies but it looks like the end. I woke up.