Dance and Storytelling Video Testing

Dance Music Video

“Won’t you be my hero? Please come capture me… You know I’ve been waiting here for you.” This is test video for dance with the hoop and music from Majestic. Because I was recording on all three of my devices, I was dancing with no music! You can tell… and the next time the dancer will be listening to the track too – ha ha ha.

Storytelling Video

If you watch this video it will show exactly what I did to set up the cameras to capture three different points of view and several motion options. As I was working this set alone, everything was done by one person (me) taking about 1 hour for the shoot and a couple hours to edit. I made a mistake with the audio midway through the editing, but I like how it turned out because it makes the audio a little ghostly and I think stories of love should have a little supernatural feeling to them. what do you think? I’m working on a dance music video next and syncing up the camera audio will be less of a headache in editing!