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Body Mind Exercises by Jean Houston



Jean Houston presented Myth and Present Madness, at a public event hosted by Pacifica Graduate Institute on November 2nd. I was so inspired by her point of view and imagination. She is able to communicate complex ideas while also engaging in a playful and humorous way. This complex and multi-sensory form of communicating is something you can practice using her methods. These kinds of tools are essential for graphics work and creative work of any kind. Below, are two videos of Jean’s recent work and you can see her teaching style and even learn from the online video. If you are interested in learning more (like me!) here are a couple of other links to check out:

A Passion For The Possible – Body Mind Exercises by Jean Houston, 1996. “Jean Houston leads the viewer in a series of exercises to help activate the kinesthetic body – the body of muscular imagination. We learn ways in which we can inhabit our own bodies with more mindfulness and find the hidden possibilities that allow us to think more creatively. We learn to engage our imagination, our memory and even learn how to do many things at the same time. Dr. Houston calls this “multitracking” – finding within ourselves a larger, deeper, more adventurous life and spirit. Jean Houston is widely known as one of the great explorers of the human potential. Mentored by Margaret Meade, she has reached her own human potential as philosopher, cultural historian and author of 15 books, Beloved and A Mythic Life. Well nurtured by her father, a former comedy writer for Bob Hope, Dr. Houston also has been given the great gift of humor, which resonates throughout her work.”

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