Dreaming up an art show

Imagine an interactive art show environment where meaningful connection happens with engaging questions.

The visitors view containers, sand colors, mermaid figures, placement, and engage with their imagination, and with each other. This type of creative activity is a non verbal form of communication similar to creative active imagination therapy.

While attending this art show can be a private activity, visitors will also have the option to use media sets designed for publishing on social platforms. At this art show visitors can play with a portrait size infinite mirror cube, camera on tripod, mural size set backgrounds, puppet theatre setup, VR goggles, and merge AR cube. A technician will also be available to help visitors with the technology platforms for virtual reality, augmented reality, and online curation.

Curation is a skill used in teaching digital literacy. We all know that reading and writing makes it possible for people to access more opportunities as well as a chance to make meaningful connections. With new technologies, digital literacy holds similar opportunities for individuals who learn the language required to navigate our virtual worlds.

Outside the interactive area would include a curated display of art to emphasize the kinds of meaningful connections possible through literacy, like love letters and emails. In addition, these supplemental art works would address the needs of accessibility for marginalized segments of the population. Being dyslexic myself, I relate to the pain of being isolated from my peers in school and fears of limited opportunities for employment. As an artist, I witness the benefits of designing for inclusion and diversity.