The best of 26 recent bathroom dreams

  • Checking the bathroom
  • Not afraid of ghosts
  • New place
  • Moving in
  • Moving out

Stuck in a small bathroom something in the darkness is coming for me scream for help twice and I wake myself up

Help me

Help me

Struggling to find the right home feeling like a guest in the bathroom attempting to do something like I end up spilling soap all over the drain and clumsily try to clean it up paper towels

Gravitating high school bathroom at reunion.

  • Scrubbing hard to get it off my arms
  • At least the bathroom is new and private
  • The bathroom has a real door
  • At the end it’s closed

  • In bathroom
  • Kinda dirty
  • Getting clean
  • Girls waiting
  • I tell them there are other bathrooms
  • Teleport

  • In a public bathroom
  • Was going to light a smoke
  • But it’s different here now

  • I had to use the bathroom
  • Part of the wall was missing
  • So I pee and some could see
  • If they looked
  • Then the water over flowed
  • And I had to ask him to help
  • He did
  • And then he kissed me
  • In front of everyone
  • Now they know
  • We love eachother
  • I’m so happy
  • Everyone goes and we are alone

  • Can’t pee in the open toilet
  • With others watching
  • In the close bathroom my
  • Reflection is demonic
  • I concentrate and pray
  • In the name of
  • God for a true reflection
  • A bright little cross of light
  • And I see me now

I have keys to the bathrooms at the school and I walk into work and it’s so full of shit it’s completely stuffed.

I clean the bathroom

Confused about why

I stained the walls

I go with a friend to the bathroom it’s under construction and basically that pool shower and wipe the space before you Crouch over a hole and P in the ground it’s pretty gross and it’s weird

I’m in the bathroom juggling lipsticks to pee and she comes in – the Italian girl and I try to avoid her but she notices me.

The restroom is small with little doors and it’s very European. Imm questioning if it the right place. I guy comes in and I ask. He is French. He turns on the light in the stall. Someone has not flushed. He says there be dragons in there. I choose another stall. The tp is like tissue paper and its colorful.