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12 Nights of Mystic Phone 📲 Dreams

I answer the phone at the Italian supermarket and the English-speaking woman is asking for some kind of holiday decoration and I’m going to joke around with her but sheets angry she counts her 10 and then hangs up the phone because I didn’t answer a question.

I accidentally knocked his wallet and his phone into the pool and it destroyed the video game he been playing for days it was the second time this it happened.

I want to make sure he knows that he can’t leave his stuff there because it’s too much and I’m looking for my cell phone but I can’t find my cell phone and then I do.

Traveling mystic looks at my cards and the packaging and instructions (approving of them) and then my phone. He asks me questions about the phone but mine is new and in other languages.

We reorganize the mass of the side shelter. In the process I realize it’s attached to a restaurant. It’s actually a nice place and I’m glad they let this person store their stuff. I clean up the pile of rat poop. Someone comes in and asks if I want to talk to my husband. I don’t remember who he is and I’m really curious to speak on the phone.

Being chased by an alligator who came out of the ocean were two girls or surfing you phone me all the way to my apartment where there was a very strange door and opened in various ways with different lunches a woman had to help me get inside.

I went out with some friends, had a few drinks, something strange happened and I went home. I didn’t get into my phone for a while but I woke up in the morning I had 2000 messages. worried about me I told her I simply needed to take a few days off a surprise that everyone was worried. I looked at my phone and saw some pictures of dress up, it’s Z from the night before.

Talking to the DA about my experiences and what I heard over the phone and he was finally arrested. And the restaurant I open the fridge I want coffee but I end up playing melt into a tall glass of ice water. I fumble around trying to make myself coffee I talked to another waitress at the track allegations and the history of that place.

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