Imaginary Mom dream themes

On some kind of New Age bus with my mom, you can teleport, slide the time or something strange on this bus.

I have to get in a car for a family trip. I crawl into the back, but She is crying because He just died. I comfort her but then I go outside and fly around the countryside. I remember flying with him. I pass through a portal into a world where there are more peace and light. I think I’ve been here before in a dream about walking in a river bed.

I find a farm where I would Like to live, and the people look pleased. I drop on, and they are discussing the confusion around Internet voting on mom’s recent gallery. I tell them I can’t do customer service and I take off flying again.

This time I’m trying to match the speed of the drivers on the freeway.

Stuck in a car in a river with mom. A big tree comes and pushes the truck, and you are not safe as it starts to sink in I reach for the window to escape and worry she won’t get out her side and will drown.

  • Mom is mad we’re sitting on her car
  • Waking the baby
  • But he smiles at me
  • Am I sick?
  • I have large welts on the right arm
  • Mom looks
  • She digs at them
  • It hurts
  • She says it’s nothing
  • In the large one
  • She uncovers a strand
  • Unmoving
  • Like a long centipede burrowed
  • Pulled out
  • I spit up a moving worm
  • Little inside a sleeve
  • I need medicine to kill
  • The parasite
  • Maybe my pets too

Traveling with my mom and we are at a hotel where she previously refused to pay the bill. The attendant understands, and we leave. I’m inside someone else’s house I think she’s a movie star and I’m putting my hair up, and I’m going to take some bobby-pins, but then I feel guilty about stealing from her, so I put them back. Earlier side table for expanding her closet so that she could have space to put her sandals next to her shoes.


My parents and I watch a baby whale swimming in the surf – but it slowly stops moving turns belly up and is washed on shore. We put it in cardboard – I stop mom from sticking a flag in it to catch people’s attention. We tell the story to the official who says in the future to not touch the dead whale body.

  • Oh shit
  • The bull
  • Huge
  • Oversized
  • Gentle seeming
  • Bull
  • Jumped out of its pen
  • I think maybe
  • I’ll be safe in a tree
  • He has not attacked
  • Mom finds another
  • Shelter

  • Three girlfriends
  • Traveling to Italy
  • One night in the city
  • Off the country
  • Look at that tall building
  • This is my Italy
  • The countryside
  • We arrive
  • Fat white youth
  • Leads us to Mom
  • Speaking English
  • Hearts big
  • Year of calendars on the wall
  • She means business

I go inside because my mom says that I have errors in the paper I need to turn in. I find a big computer I can use and two little kids come up and attach themselves to me. Their mothers working on a computer nearby but she so upset I can barely get my corrections done. I have a hard time finding my paper. I’m frustrated, and so I go to use the bathroom.

I have a near close call and then mom comes home chest hurts cause she was in a wreck, and then we go to get groceries, and the girl bagging groceries is really very slow, and when she’s done she crawls into a pod and tells us to shut the door on her kind of like a big oven inside of an oven or something like that and I’m eating dinner with mom and others get up and run to the bathroom and start throwing up violently and She says if you can get her some towels would be good and we get them.

I have a home made between the spaces around conditioning vent. Police are there and other people that are homeless too and I’m happy to have the space I tell it to my grandma and my mom, and I have space. I’m on the other side on a rooftop with another couple other homeless people something strange is going on.

I’m standing in my old room and we’ve sold the house there is a time at night when I paint the walls and then in the morning when the sun comes up I can see that I didn’t do very good job in their spot mom looks around, and she says she’ll have to include painting the house and the contract for the new buyer.

Riding my motorcycle that disappeared falling down skidding down a hill of reeds I try to climb up but I can’t -into a muddy swamp. Kids watching I walk across the swamp feeling the mud and crunch of unknown stuff in the mud. I don’t like it. When I get out, I go home…

Hot water spills. I’m arguing with mom. She says I’m uncooperative and spiteful in taking papers. I come back and yell directly at her full on – saying f you I’m out of here, and I don’t want to know you anymore.

I’m now in an attic with three rooms I turn one into my studio. I hope mom does not come upstairs and kick me out. The dog comes up and then a girl I don’t recognize, but she says I should know her.