Breath, Smoke, and Fire

The Thomas Fire, over 250k acres, is on day 11 and predicted to last another 3 weeks. Fire is familiar for Californians and we fight to keep what we can. The fire is🔥 numinous to me.

Recent Dream:

Firestorm on both sides. Fast it’s squeezing in. We run forward, It’s ok?

A car dad finds, we get in and drive through a zoo. Then two big cats. The tiger and lion fighting. One goes for me. The dog distracts. He’s injured. The cats fight each other again.

I’m hiding from them. I go into the bathroom. To hide on top of a box stall. When she comes in I try to slip out. She had lit a fire to smoke me out. Good I was already heading to the door

Another dream:

Cops in a can roll into the water and float. I see sharks.

Watching the mermaid swim up and down with her disabled man. Dizzy and spastic.

How do they breathe? I need air.