Looking back to clarify what’s emerging

I’m working on a new creative workshop for 2018. I’ve been looking at my notes reading, reviewing, and contemplating for about two months. Sometimes I feel like no closer to understanding how to do it then when I started. Looking back and making a collage of images helps me clarify my ideas because I’m a person that communicates best in material/images and not in concepts/words. Comprehending the essence of creative flow is an unfolding process and there is such joy in the journey that I’m willing to suffer for it!

My workshops are interdisciplinary and valuable for participants who want to experience flow by following a guided creative process. Peak experiences of flow instill hope and encouragement in a field that can be fraught with technical challenges and critics. Because I always use intuition in my creative process, planning for a workshop based on my process is tricky. The compromise I’ve found is to design my workshop more like a game to be played as opposed to a traditional art lesson model. Many games are using random chance when they incorporate cards, dice, or random number generation technology to keep the game interesting and spontaneous. Use of these devices speed up the process, and while chance does not fully represent the experience of my collaborative interdisciplinary intuitive creative flow process, it get close enough.

Workshop structure inspiration

I’m borrowing the overall structure of my workshop from Stanford’s design school. There are three phases to the design process workshop; building empathy, prototyping, getting feedback. I participated in a design workshop aimed at teachers who wanted to rethink the design of classrooms. It was incredible!

Workshop material inspiration

A creative workshop needs to have materials. I’ve been stuck here lacking a clear vision for how to simplify my materials down to a manageable size. Then I had the fortune to play Gloomhaven with my brother. This game is complex and compact at the same time and a perfectly clear reference or comparison for me to aspire too.