New Years 5×3’ Dream Painting in Progress

Digital Sketches on photo of 3×5′ Painting

Making a vision board is part of New Years tradition and this year my small 12X12″ vision collage expanded into a 5×3′ dream painting. I use the Periscope to live stream and record the first couple hours of painting because the images changes quickly and it’s interesting to see.

2 Hours of Painting Screenshots

New Years Vision Collages

I started with a vision board collage process. This means you cut out images and glue the parts into a mandala that represents your aspirations. The creative process is best with friends who can share the experience and New Years resolutions. The two central images in my vision were added at the end and came from my friends discarded cutouts. The center features the words Alchemy and a hand reaching up through water. There are many layers glued on top of layers in this Years vision.