A 2020 Upgrade to my marketing plan notes from 2018

As a visual designer, it makes sense that I would have visual business plan notes. What would be a 2020 marketing plan upgrade? Why not update or add minimal visuals, like this fantastic graphic from Envato Elements that features; Content Management, Growth, and Vision.


I review my marketing at least once a year. In 2020 Iā€™m getting to a finished design, and so I will be updating the essential graphics. I love to use the graphics from Envato Elements, where I got the graphics below.

Example #1.png

Marketing mapping

Marketing mapping

The marketing strategy 2018 with graphics from 2017

My marketing strategy matches Foreverbird Studios brand position. Foreverbird Studio advocates meaningful connection, sustainable design, and original creative work.  To communicate this I use intimate and persona marketing strategies, and that means I publish original content in my name and write in a casual, conversational tone. However, I don’t talk about myself all the time. I talk about the people I collaborate with and creative work that inspires me. You can meet the people I collaborate with on my Creative Community page. 

It’s taken me years to figure out my strategies, and it is still a work in progress. Reporting shows I had a spike in people liking my content even though I had a dip in visitors. More likes and comments are what I want to see, and I’m not concerned about a dip in overall page views. Imagine a bull’s eye target, and the small center is also the most valuable. I intend to reach people who appreciate what I do. In 2018 I will be publishing less frequently but spending more time on each article.

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 5.27.58 PM.png

The marketing budget

A marketing plan usually is about 7-10% of operating costs. If you are a startup, that could be upwards of 30%. Most of my marketing is person to person networking. I do not do any paid advertising, but I do promote some ads in social media. 

I  benefit from my past work in content marketing. I have been blogging for eight years, so people find my site from search, social media, and direct links. I expect to have over 6k people in 2018. To put that in perspective, Yelp recently charged me $14.74 per click. If I planned to pay Yelp for 6k visitors, it would cost me $88,440 next year in advertising.

The most significant cost in my budget is my time. In 2018 I plan to spend about $30 on event fees and 8 hours of my time each month. 


The sales funnel

It’s vital that my marketing efforts lead to sales because I need to make money. Sales and product pricing is the area of marketing I will be working on and my focus is on in-person sales in 2018. I will continue to optimize and clean up my online and retail presence by writing user experience cartoons. I plan to translate these so I can utilize the new MailChimp automation email capabilities.