Cleaning ash in art storage unit after Thomas Fire

I finally took a first crack at cleaning up the ash in my art studio storage unit, after the Thomas Fire. It was the largest fire in California history and lasted about a month-December 2017-January 2018. If anyone has walls to decorate… I’ve got art that needs a little TLC to clean up but would look much better in a home 🏡.

If you want some art, but are worried about cost, just borrow it for free for awhile and enjoy it! Please share if you know someone who could use a little color in their space and they live in the area.

I took my 360 camera today so it was something fun to break up the cleaning. Lucky and I took the convertible to the storage place, with the top down. I need to find home for this art! Also, I really need to do a better job of protecting the art I want to keep in the physical world.

360 photo in convertible 360 photo of ash in storage unit 360 photo of walk

360 video of art storage