Waiting for the shoe to drop – dreams

This is a collection of ‘shoe’ dreams from the last few years. The featured painting is one that I made in High School. I wrote the word ‘choose’ on the painting because it rhymes with shoes and asks the viewer to pick one in the painting. Now that I look at it, I see other options, such as the choice of all three or the idea that our feet reflect our choices. What role to shoes play in your life?

Shoe dreams

Note from Richard at the harbor. He left me something, it says payment including two pairs of transparent shoes with pieces of chain and other stuff in them from the harbor. I put them on and I go to coding event even though I don’t know how to code and I leave and then I go back inside again.

Taking a school trip on a sailboat I sit with a guy and we reflect on how we are both comfortable with sadness. Him because his mother is dying of blood cancer. The whole boat gets pushed up onto sand and placed into a shady space under a tree and I walk out into upperclassman area with my arts and crafts to sit in the sun and explain to the teachers that I need to be in the sun where it’s warm and that it’s depressing in the shade and they reflect that there might be another teacher creating that negative energy and then we go to an underground world. I’m lost and wandering down the moving stairs with no shoes so I turned around to return to get my shoes and I get lost and then I walk up to two guys and ask them for help and they write down for words on a piece of paper that I have a hard time reading something like red door district. And I wander off looking for that but get lost in the red lighted building that isn’t the door and I’m looking for some kind of restaurant maybe.

I brought A paper bowl for myself and another guy – he put his in water and watched it fall apart. I put my name in my shoe.

Shopping with big blond movie star. I get nice shoes with gold, from sale bin. She gets gold boots. Quite the couple. We go to a party. Comment on past tensions for May December romances. No one cares anymore

Grandpa and grandma killed 40 some horses. At the end for food and show. Guns ablaze in the woods. I’m upset but dumbfounded. The black snake targets my leg. I manage to avoid being bit. But it’s a struggle. I want to throw my shoe at him.

Getting new pairs of shoes as a job perk is really nice.

Shoes, Ones that fit, Soft, Where are you? These have too many laces

So many in line to take a picture. In pink dress and shoes. I’m last in line. But I don’t want a picture. Not sure it would fit. It’s like everyone wants to be the same. Archetype

I was late to school and Tracy pick me up I’m a senior in high school and her daughter was a freshman and she gave us all a ride in her car to lose a little scary on the freeway is really running late just barely got by the semi truck. I was laughing and full of fun by the time I got to the school I walked by I didn’t recognize my sandals I thought maybe they were Tracy’s but her daughter told me no not sure who shoes I’m wearing. Someone asked me about painting one of the student stores. I went to the cafeteria to order coffee before class feeling the expert on campus.