Body dreams and 360 timelapse of #yoga outside

This post is a collection of dreams, images, and video from a 360 camera and outdoor yoga session. In looking at the images, I became curious about the distorted image of the body, so I looked into my dream journal to see what ‘body’ dreams were there.

Does it look as it feels with distorted body images as opposed to normal ones?

Body Dreams

Ghost parents struggling over who gets to stay to nurture the child. They switch bodies. The man is not nurturing. She is dying but after the switch the body seems restored.

Don’t bother me I’m preparing lunches for my business trip he tells them. But he spends time with me also. Then I see him walking with layers of food stapled to his body. I love this drink. It’s with a mermaid. I see her swimming as he drinks. Later the family of three do the pudga. So beautiful. But they bungle it. At the end the small boy is saying, ‘I drank half your souls’. Splashing in the holy water. Adult me comes to fix what has gone wrong.

Two bodies of water in the snow, A large cool pool and smaller one, warm but murky with leaves, Yet I dip my hand in and imagine, The warm waters would be nice.

Robot Play. She is so life like. But has no emotions. We see sections of her body. Like slices. In a book. She knows she is missing emotion. She feels perfect tho.

In the pool this sexy Asian woman is so close to me and she looks me up and down approvingly because my body is healthy. I don’t feel less shy even though she’s so close.