The life of vacuum robot in a 360 video

Today I followed the vacuum robot for 2 minutes to experience the path of a machine. You can watch the 360 video on YouTube in VR if you have a headset. Unfortunately you can’t view it in the ‘tiny planet’ perspective which is what I recommend for VR films because it seems more in focus and less disorienting. After reflecting on the domestic robot, I looked at my dream journal archive for dreams about ‘robots’ and selected a few random dreams to share about robots.

See if you can rotate the camera to spot the 360 balloons when you watch the video.



Poison water epidemic
Escaping the city
Recovering in apartment
I don’t die as easily
Malé companion
Water is alive and freezes people
Jump out window to escape water attack
Escape to the woods
A fire storm chases
Escape to the desert to escape fire
On beach
Dead bodies
Is the water safe?
Robots attack
But I find a remote control
I stop their attack and put them to sleep


I’m hanging out with Mike in some of his friends and we go into a restaurant and I talk about how people have these really strong positive reactions and to falling in love with Mike and another person tells me about some people who are bulimic and they passed around little things like gum container is just spit up in. And that’s all I remember even though there’s lots more over there is that getting into the car so there’s a woman who want the business and she’s going to give us a ride to her car and we’re talking about robots and now I sayI say my dad works for robots and there were far away from being intelligent ones and then we all get to squeeze into her car six of us and her car and she’s taking us back to her company will use technology and people together in a good way.


I’m wondering throughout her luxurious closets , a robot, I say I’m not jealous of her because she only gets a few options. Clothes with all the same deign. A teal blue or pink dress.


Robot Play
She is so life like
But has no emotions
We see sections of her body
Like slices
In a book
She knows she is missing emotion
She feels perfect tho


Escaping zombie robots falling in love through a system.


I’m arguing with M she’s taking up space and coming into my room in the morning I get out of the house I’m going to school with my cousins or riding on top of the strange Robot. Belongs to Chris’s friend asked Chris why doesn’t own it and he says it’s because the mechanical parts are his friend But he loves us from and the time we spent together. I think back on the conversations the robot must’ve recorded when I was with them in the past.


I visit the state capital with a group of people I noticed in the windows the tables turned up with the centerpieces all aligned in the big old houses. As we walk out into the center DC I realize the capitalist decorated and Holliday materials and I laugh as the super large tacky holiday materials make the building look small. Some kind of high tech thing comes in and suddenly I am trying to communicate through a TV or someone’s hand got severed arms coming off trying to stop the robot from taking people over it’s like an amazing actors theater people are popping up from everywhere and I’m not sure what to do. There is a man and a girl taking care of the situation.